Stobberakplantsoen 44,
Ground floor extension, 30m2

Langerak II Zuid Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht

Completed, 2007

This extension of the public ground floor space, extending the white brick volume of the Firenze housing type into the lush garden provides the homeowners with a garden living space with bath that is also meets the requirements for future wheelchair use.

The existing living room from our earlier design of this Firenze housing type in the community in Langerak II Zuid has a roof that slopes upwards to the south so that its high windows provide privacy whilst allowing the sunlight to penetrate deep into the living space. The new addition took this important quality of light into account by crating two roof heights: lower above the bathroom and adjoining circulation along the existing southern façade to the height of the sill of the existing high windows, and higher in the living space adjoining the garden where the full glass façade blurs the boundaries of inside-outside space. The entrance into this new extension from the living room echo's the angled roof with an angled glass façade in plan with large sliding doors and angled corner detail where glass meets glass that allows the occupants eye to fully enjoy their lush garden..