Client: Architects own family home

Ground floor area- 70m2 and 40m2 garden combined with upstairs duplex apartment

Program: Combining the two separate apartments into one registered home. Restoring the ground floor apartment where former changes by previous owners were made causing the structural and building services to be in a questionable state, and bringing the buildings integrity back to structural and code requirements.

To design of the Ground floor to be a flowing space full of light, and visual contact to the garden, where creative activities can take place for all family members (modern dance, piano, art, geophysics, architecture, and study) while remaining in eye-contact and ear-shot giving the opportunity to share creative ideas as they emerge.

Architect : Ruth van Eck-Rotholz

Office: Van Eck-Rotholz Architecten bv

Photographs: Ruth van Eck-Rotholz