Gravity Form on ZigZag Table
    Ruth van Eck-Rotholz- designer and artist 
    'Herlevend Keramiek'  exhibit
    Amerongen Castle gardens
    Drosterstraat 20
    3958 BK Amerongen
    June 25 till September 10 2011

     The  white Gravity Form,  in view through the landscape and forest of the gardens of the Amerongen Castle,  reflects the light  revealing the folds of its arching form.   It is situated near the white bridge and the rear facade of the Castle where the gabled roofline  echo the ZigZag Table , further emphasized by the silver edge reflecting the light , upon which  the Gravity Form stands.  
     The glass and its silver frame of the supporting ZigZag Table  offers a new horizon line where reflections play with the  changing sky and the Gravity Form,  referencing to the reflections of the Amerongen Castle in its axial moat here at its rear facade.  As one moves around in the landscape of the gardens,  one views the sculpture from different vantage points,  always seeing the white Gravity Form on an ever changing base, at times  transparent, and at times solid, with its different play of shadows and angles of reflections.  From one side the natural wood, as in the bark of the forest trees, and from the other the deep shiny aubergine, as the  dark leaves of the neighboring bushes and the grand Beach trees.  As the design of the base barely touches the ground, allowing the grass to reflect in its tilting panels,  the Gravity form seems to want to dance with the light.

With special thanks to Orlan Novak,  Volmer Lasbedrijf Veenendaal, Fixit Amerongen.