Merkaz Eternal Light

Neer Tamid

This lamp is forever giving light in remembrance of all the Jews who have died in the atrocity of war including the children of the Centraal Israelistische Weeshuis who were taken to the concentration camps in 1942 from this former orphanage.

The lamp is designed to include a rescued lamp piece that was part of the destroyed Synagogue in Aken, Germany. This is fixed onto a new brushed stainless steel frame that seems to float in front of the wall to which it is fastened. In this frame is a frosted glass plate with (Sephardic) letter ‘shin’ that represents the prayer (Shma Israel). A small ‘aleph’ is added to create the word ‘esh’ or fire. These letters allow the light from the lamp through the clear glass of the letters, to reflect off the mirror that lay behind the etched glass back into the space of the synagogue.

Materials: Brushed stainless steel, brass, etched glass, mirror, lamp